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BoomBox v3.3

BoomBox is the code name for our cutting edge Radio Automation Control Panel for Professional and Terrestrial Radio Stations. Designed from the ground up to run on any device that can connect to the Internet, BoomBox manages all aspects of Station Automation, Reporting and Popularization.



BoomBox is intuitive, self-healing and maintains all technical aspects of your streaming service automatically.


BoomBox packs easily understandable demographics and statistics information right on the dashboard page.


SoniXCast’s globally recognized and respected broadcast license will ensure you are broadcasting legally at all times.

BoomBox is much more than just a Control Panel

BoomBox is True Professional Radio Automation which features User and Program Management, Popularization, Reporting, Global Licensing and more…

Intuitively Ergonomic

BoomBox’s beautiful high contrast layout is designed for use in low light broadcasting booths and live concert settings which also makes it easy to use on mobile devices even in full daylight. Our New adaptive architecture optimizes reading comfort and is accessible reader ready.

Industry standard icons ensures the UI is clean and organized, but usage remains highly intuitive. Tooltips give detailed information, so with little learning curve anyone can be a Power User.

Build your Listener Base

BoomBox makes sure that your station can be found (and heard) on a variety of 3rd party platforms including Sony (i.e. Playstation), Apple (i.e. iTunes, iPod, iPad), Microsoft (i.e. WMC, XBox), Google (i.e. Play, Chromecast), iHeartRadio (NBC, CBS, Nobex, TuneIn et al), Roku and many more…

SoniXFM™ is a media content aggregation and popularization platform developed in 2009 in conjunction with Sony Interactive which serves as the backbone for music services like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Extensive Music Library

Save programming time and effort by plugging in music from our library of tracks and soundbytes in just about every language, genre or mood ranging from the 1930s jazz to the current popular hits.

We receive musters from all major labels on a regular basis which are normalized and encoded to the highest listening standards and made available in BoomBox. With a simple drag and drop, they can be added to any playlist.

True Radio Automation

Much of the administrative drudgery found in other applications is completely automated in BoomBox. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, BoomBox is full fledged radio automation with features professionals want and need.

BoomBox is self healing and watches services to make sure they are available at all times. Day or Night. Settings are tested against known working values all but eliminating possible configuration mistakes.

Familiar File Management

BoomBox’s file manager is designed to work like those found on Windows or Macs with features you already know. You can also download backups or log files directly to your computer for peace of mind and extra security.

Update your playlists by selecting and deleting tracks or dragging files from your computer (or the BoomBox music library) right into playlist folders. Changes are picked up immediately by the AutoDJ without drop-outs or restarting

Worldwide Broadcast Network

Each BoomBox station has a unique registered callsign (CSNX-XXXX) in the world’s largest radio broadcasting network made up of an estimated 400,000 terrestrial and internet radio stations with an estimated 42 million daily listener reach.

BoomBox stations are everywhere to be found thanks to our patented AnyCastIP™ network which includes port 80 proxying for listening through corporate firewalls and direct port access for use with third party software and tools.


The Dashboard menu option gives the operator quick and intuitive access to all common Station Operations, Information and Statistics [more: Dashboard Section]

Panic Button Feature

The panic button (heartbeat icon, upper right menu) feature executes repair routines that will fix issues most commonly reported by producers. Here is a list of repair routines:

  • Repairs directory permissions
  • Synchronizes Passwords (Services, FTP and Account)
  • Rotates Service Logs
  • Cleans Temporary Directories
  • Re-Writes Service Configuration Files
  • Restarts Services (Server, AutoDJ)

While the panic button feature will not repair all issues, it does allow producers to help themselves quickly without going through the process of contacting the support team and is recommended to try first before submitting a support request.

Encoder Section

These are the encoder settings for use in most broadcasting software (source clients).
Please refer to your manufacturer’s documentation for detailed information on how to setup your software for broadcast (Live) streaming.

  • Mode: This is the currently active mode. Two modes are supported:
    • Server Direct: In Server Direct mode your broadcasting software will stream directly to the server. Important: This mode does not include advanced DJ authentication and scheduling features available in DJ Manager mode.
    • DJ Manager: In DJ Manager mode your broadcasting software will stream through the AutoDJ enabling enhanced DJ management features.
  • Hostname: This represents the ‘host’ or ‘ip-address’ setting in your broadcasting software.
  • Port: This represents the ‘Port’ setting in your broadcasting software.
  • Login: The login credentials (username:password) required to authenticate broadcasting. Two modes are supported:
    • Server Direct: The username is always ‘admin’. The password is the same as the ‘Source Password’ setting on the Server Settings page.
    • DJ Manager: Display’s a list of active DJ’s. Refer to each individual DJ setting for detailed information and scheduling.


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